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Pilates for those in and around Faversham and Maidstone in the heart of Kent.

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Pilates has evolved over time but still adheres to the founding principles of it’s originator Joseph Pilates.

In addition to the fundamental matwork of traditional Pilates, modern practitioners are able to utilize a number of physical tools like the stability-ball, the foam roller, the soft ball and the exercise band. Louise teaches all of these additional attributes which combine the tools with the true Pilates principles. The original Pilates Matwork still remains as popular a method of employing the Pilates principles as it always has been but with the addition of other tools the client can add variety and adventure to their fitness programmes!

Entering into a Pilates fitness programme can be very advantageous in building strength, flexibility, tone and posture - at almost any stage of one’s life.

Louise runs a large number of Pilates Classes throughout the week plus a number of other unique workshop days which are specially arranged from time to time. The main core classes take place on Monday’s during the evening, Tuesday’s during the evening, Wednesday’s during the morning and Thursday’s during both the morning and the evening. Other classes may vary.

Personal fitness must be appropriate for the individual and most importantly, it must suit the person’s nature. If we are not reasonably happy to follow our fitness programme then we are far less likely to continue it! We will achieve so much more if we like what we do (at least most of the time!). Louise tries very hard to bring enjoyment and satisfaction, as well as knowledge, to her clients and into her classes.

Currently, Louise is running a comprehensive range of classes in Sheldwich and Maidstone plus additional fitness courses of a specialized nature together with one-to-one private sessions for her individual clients.

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