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Pilates for those in and around Faversham and Maidstone in the heart of Kent.

“It works wonders   - come and try it!”

Lifecare Fitness was formed to assist in bringing a better quality of life to those people whose personal fitness was in need of a helping hand in order that they could control and enjoy their everyday lives more fully. Louise has a considerable amount of experience in many aspects of personal fitness, personal nutrition and class-managed applications. She is qualified in Pilates, Zumba® Fitness, Fascial Fitness, Nordic Walking, Personal Training, Sports Massage, Remedial Exercise Therapy and Nutrition. She regularly adds to her knowledge and skills through Continuing Professional Development, attending Lectures, Training Courses and Seminars throughout the year. Her personal research and development programme stimulates her interest in the latest scientific discoveries pertaining to those matters related to her customers’ fitness and well-being. She runs classes and one-to-one sessions in the Faversham and Maidstone areas and receives referrals from other Health Professionals including Chiropractors and Osteopaths. She was also a founding Professional Trainer in a Remedial Exercise Centre in Maidstone at its inception several years ago with which she still retains professional links.

When it comes to fitness, sports and exercise we don’t all have the same degree of potential to do exactly the same things as everyone else, of course. But what we do have is an enormous potential to make something wonderful out of our own personal lives. In other words we have a tremendous opportunity to discover more of ourselves!

The real secret to success that really satisfies is to work towards finding out what creative talents, skills and potential we personally have and then to challenge the growth of these in constructive and helpful ways. Real success is not found by copying other people as is mistakenly thought because this denies the experience of a truly genuine sense of personal discovery and achievement that can make a world of difference to how we view ourselves and how we ultimately feel. We need to seek out our own potential for achievement and then do all we can to give that potential an opportunity to express itself!

This is certainly true when it comes to measuring your own success in personal fitness!

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